Released Feb. 9, 2012

By Anti-Yo

Smell The Magic of the DRI-YWET. Whether it's L7 or Whodini, this yoyo is going to rock out and be magical. This is an upgraded version of the YWET with a wild coating that's never been done on a yoyo. We start with halves which have been treated to give it that classic Anti-Yo Slip MatteĀ® finish then we do a copper coating over this finish, but not once, we do it twice. This yields a yoyo that looks like pure gold (literally) when new but ages over time to form a patina that darkens as it oxidizes. It even gives off a scent just as a copper penny would as it ages. Copper is such a heavy metal that it adds three grams to the weight of the yoyo, giving this one a slightly more solid feel. We released ten of these at US Nats and they sold out in two minutes, we thought we should do a proper release for something which garnered that much attention. We've also taken the Side Effects and anodized them blood red and engraved our own heart onto them. So cute, but still magical and ready to rock.

Limited to only 100 yoyos.

Diameter 57.0mm
Width 38.0mm
Weight 70.0g
Gap Width N/A
Bearing Size C
Response System Quad-Fist Response (2 Concentric Rings on each side, one flush mount OD Flow Groove Pad inner ring, one O-Ring outer ring)
Axle One Drop's Side Effects System
Classification Metal
Materials Aluminum (6061)
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