Anti-Yo YWET – Blasted Edition

Released Sept. 30, 2011

By Anti-Yo

After a number of years of teased info, the YWET was released at US Nationals September 30, 2011 through Bird In Hand, in downtown Chico, CA. The first release was limited to 35 (?) yoyos. These differed from the full release in that they had a heavily blasted finish, that gave the yoyo a chalky finish. These were also the first yoyos that were machined by One Drop and featured One Drop’s side effect system. These first run YWET’s had hand carved hearts in their side effects.

Retail Price: $135

Diameter 57.0mm
Width 38.0mm
Weight 67.0g
Gap Width N/A
Bearing Size C
Response System Quad-Fist Response (2 Concentric O-Rings on each side)
Axle One Drop Side Effects System
Classification Metal
Materials Aluminum (6061)
Record Info
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