Anti-Yo Fluchs

Released Dec. 11, 2004

By Anti-Yo

A guy walks into a bar and places a pink and black yo-yo on the counter.Bartender comes by, picks up the yo-yo and starts playing with it.

“Damn” says the bartender “This is one buttery smooth big bearinged beauty.”

The bartender pours a shot glass of milk for the stranger, before continuing to play.

“This thing feels like it’s made of magnesium, while staying attainably within my budget. What makes this thing feel so silky smooth on palm grind?”

“It’s the process,” says the stranger between sips of milk “The yo-yo itself is made from high quality aircraft aluminum. Then it is precision machined into a sleek retro winding double knob skill toy with a heavy emphasis on modern artistic design.”

“Of course,” the bartender remarked, “The Eames influence is obvious. But what gives this thing its smooth laminar flow against my calloused hands?”

“That’s the final process. After the yo-yo is removed from the lathe, Anti-Yo applies the Slip Matte® Finish. This special coating assures a durable finish while giving the yo-yo its low viscosity.

The bartender seems to think about this for a minute then says, “Slip Matte I get it.”

“Good, most folks wont.” Says the stranger as he finishes his last sip of milk.

“What was the name of the company again?” asks the bartender as he places the yo-yo back onto the counter.

“Anti-Yo,” responded the stranger ” they are based out of San Francisco.”

“Anti-Yo huh? That’s edgy.”

“Yeah” says the stranger, as he placed the Fluchs® Yo-Yo into his custom made Prada yo-yo pouch and wiped the milk mustache from his lips. “Edgy.”

Diameter 55.0mm
Width 38.0mm
Weight 70.0g
Gap Width N/A
Bearing Size C
Response System ChazPads
Classification Metal
Materials Aluminum (6061)
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