Mk1 Yoyos Exia

Released Nov. 6, 2020

By Mk1 Yoyos

The Mk1 Exia started its design process in early 2020 with an idea from team member Max Choo. We wanted to create something great for technical play, maneuverable, and powerful. Almost everything in the resulting yoyo has Max’s fingerprints on it – from the general dimensions, to the aesthetic, and of course, the theme around the yoyo’s name and engraving. It’s filled with little touches that make it a delight to use. We’re excited to see how you like it.

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Diameter 55.6mm
Width 47.3mm
Weight 63.7g
Gap Width 4.6
Bearing Size C
Response System 19mm pad
Axle Tapped (10mm)
Classification Bimetal
Materials stainless steel, Aluminum (7068)
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Date Added Nov. 10, 2020, 2:54 p.m.
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