Yoyorecreation Sleipnir (2014)

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By Yoyorecreation


Yoyorecreation's most iconic model - the SLEIPNIR makes a return!
When it was first released in 2009 the SLEIPNIR was a huge trend setter in the yo-yo market, influencing the shape, size and materials use in yo-yo design around the world. It is perhaps thanks to the influence of the SLEIPNIR that horizontal yo-yo play has been explored so thoroughly, and that competitive yo-yoing has taken a huge leap forward.
IIt was designed with the intention to push the limits of spin power and stability by using a 57mm diameter and A7075 aluminium alloy. You could say the incredible playbility personifies the philosophy of Yoyorecreation.
We are very pleased to be offering a re-release of the absolute gold-standard of modern competition yo-yos, which is still as quick on the string as it's namesake as it was on the day it was released.

NOTE: The shape has been slightly modified for the 2014 Run of Sleipnir's, which now belongs to the 'Step Round' Category as from before it belongs in the 'Step Straight' Category.

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Diameter 57.0mm
Width 43.0mm
Weight 65.0g
Gap Width N/A
Bearing Size C
Response System YYR 19.6mm pads/ IrPads (19.6mm)
Classification Metal
Materials Aluminum (7075)
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