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From YoTricks:

The Canon Yoyo is designed to meet the needs of top tier 5a and 3a style play, which in turn has also given this yoyo excellent 1a capabilities. The Canon Yoyo comes bundled with our Machined Delrin counterweight, the UltraWeight, making it an especially good value.

5a World Yoyo Champion Jake Elliott spent over a year talking with top 3a and 5a players from around the world, searching for what qualities make for a truly excellent 5a and 3a yoyo. During his search, he discovered that many of the preferred qualities of both styles overlap. Taking what he had learned, Jake teamed up with YoYoFactory’s design team to make the perfect 5a/3a yoyo.

Every Canon Yoyo is bundled with our officially licensed Machined Delrin Ultra Counterweight, which sells for $14.99 on its own. This is the same counterweight Jake used to win the 2015 World Yoyo Contest. This counterweight was designed alongside the Canon Yoyo, to make the two a perfect match.

The Canon Yoyo was heavily prototyped, with each design variation improving upon the last. Every cut of the yoyo was made with great care to optimize playability. The gap width was adjusted to make binding easier on the short strings 5a and 3a players use, a design choice that also makes the Canon Yoyo excellent at regeneration tricks and low-spin binds. The step off the response area significantly increases spin time during off axis tricks, and helps the Canon Yoyo power through elements with 3d motion, which are common in 5a and 3a. The walls and axle area of the Canon Yoyo were made to be robust, so that the Canon Yoyo can withstand drops and dings without changing how the yoyo plays.

On the string, the Canon shines. While the Canon Yoyo has an overall light feel, its stability and spin times are particularly notable. The Canon has withstood every trick we have thrown at it, and always comes back with a tight bind and spin time to spare.

The Canon Yoyo represents a new level of value in the Budget Metal market, and we could not be more excited to offer it to our customers. The Canon Yoyo is the perfect choice for any player interested in pushing their 5a or 3a skills to the next level, while offering superb play for advanced 1a players as well.

The Canon Yoyo is available in two packs, the Players Pack and the 3a Players Pack.

MSRP: $45

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Diameter 55.87mm
Width 44.4mm
Weight 65.8g
Gap Width 4.4
Bearing Size C
Response System
Classification Metal
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