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From YoTricks:

On January 7, 2013, YoTricks.com approached the Kickstarter community in hopes of raising a modest sum to create a yoyo specifically designed to help fans of YoTricks.com learn the most advanced tricks. Named the Civility Yoyo, we asked for $3,500 to make a small run of the yoyo we had spent the past year designing and perfecting. By February 10 the Civility Yoyo project had raised nearly $23,000, more than 6 times the original goal! Because of the generosity of the Kickstarter community and the fans of YoTricks.com we were able to do an additional prototype to further refine the design.

The Civility weighs just over 66 grams, balanced over the entire design with a little extra weight focused in the rim of the yoyo. This allows the Civility to play fast for its weight with a high level of control. Its 56mm diameter and 45mm width are in the sweet spot for high-end metal yoyos, and its shape feels great to hold and throw. We have already made several advanced yoyo trick videos with the Civility, and we will continue to push the limits of yoyo tricks to new heights as we move forward.

Note: The colored Civility yoyos are bead-blasted and anodized. The Raw Civility yoyos (the silver looking version of the Civility) have not been bead-blasted, anodized, or polished. The Raw Civility yoyos, while playable, are shipped as they come off the machine (machining marks still clearly visible). Raw Civilities play the same as Anodized Civilities, except that they do not grind quite as well. However, Raw Civilities can be easily polished for a very eye catching look.

[As of now, there have been 3 versions of the Civility]

MSRP: $78-85

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Diameter 56.05mm
Width 44.95mm
Weight 66.6g
Gap Width 4.6
Bearing Size C
Response System
Classification Metal
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