One Drop Benchmark Series 2014

Released Dec. 1, 2014

By One Drop

We started the Benchmark Series in 2013. Our goal was to provide high-value Side Effect yo-yos that were our take on the standard shapes/ideas for that year. Three different shapes were released that all shared the same width, diameter and weight.

2014 is coming to a close and the new Benchmarks Series will be releasing.

The basic idea is the same, but we feel we have pushed the envelope even further in a few ways.

*This year there will be four shapes all sharing the same width, diameter and weight: W,H,O,V(left to right in photo).
*They all feature a variation of the "Drop Step" weight distribution seen on the Cascade and Summit.
*The width is 1 mm bigger.
*The diameter is 1 mm smaller.
*The shipping weight is 1 gram lighter.
*They all come with a new Side Effect: Flat Caps, which weigh in at 3.3 grams.

In general the play characteristic could be described as faster than the 2013 models. Even though they might look similar from a profile view, the weight distributions are much different and they play a lot different. These aren't meant to replace the 2013 models.

We admit that what we called the "V" in 2013 could have probably been more accurately described as a Wing shape. This year we have added a true "V" shape and are calling the shape similar to the 2013 "V" the "W" for Wing. Hope that isn't too confusing :) (2013 model names will not be changing).

We have found ways to make these even more efficiently (with no sacrifice to quality) so the starting price for solids will be $58!

More value, more choices, more fun.

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Diameter 55.0mm
Width 43.0mm
Weight 65.3g
Gap Width 4.32
Bearing Size C
Response System Flow Groove
Axle Side Effects
Classification Metal
Materials Aluminum (6061)
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