One Drop Y Factor

Released May 1, 2010

By One Drop

In preparing to evolve our line and move on to different things like an oversized yo-yo, we feel we need a new undersized competition level performer at a decent price ($75) that takes all of our experience and knowledge into consideration. We want to eliminate any X factors (unknowns) so we're focusing on what we do know (the Y factors). The result is our new yo-yo, the Y Factor. It is a synthesis of all of our previous work, current knowledge, and player preferences. In keeping with features we know work well, the Y Factor is very agile due to the new profile, features a newly designed thumb grind lip, and comes with our proven bearing and response system. The Y Factor has the grooves from the original Project. Also, it has the round-nut axle system that has been proven out on M1s and Dingos. The Y Factor will come standard with our new Pyramatte (tm) finish in a wide variety of rich standard colors as well as special editions.

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Diameter 50.4mm
Width 41.3mm
Weight 66.4g
Gap Width 4.7
Bearing Size C
Response System Flow Groove
Axle Pressed Round Nut, 16 mm
Classification Metal
Materials Aluminum (6061)
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