One Drop M1

Released Dec. 1, 2008

By One Drop

For our second yo-yo release, we set out to create a high-quality aluminum yo-yo which is readily available at a reasonable price. The result is the M1. As you would expect from us, many months of prototyping and refinement went into the creation of the M1. We once again enlisted the help of the Portland Yo-Yo Club, Mark Montgomery and others to test the playability. All agree that it is, first and foremost, a solid player.

We paid close attention to the testers feedback and the features that they most wanted. In that regard, the M1 sports a recess groove that's deep enough to take flow-able silicone, an inner thumb grind lip, and tapered outer rims that provide plenty of catch-zone width (more than a Project in fact). The M1's profile and shape move us in a new direction, bringing a narrower width to the undersized yo-yo.

Because of the play, the price and the availability, the M1 is intended to be a true players yo-yo. One which you don't have to worry about throwing anywhere, anytime, over any surface.

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Diameter 50.0mm
Width 35.0mm
Weight 65.0g
Gap Width 4.3
Bearing Size C
Response System .555 pad
Axle Pressed Round Nut, 16 mm
Classification Metal
Materials Aluminum (6061)
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