CLYW Compass

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From CLYW:

The Compass is the latest signature model for Czech legend Petr Kavka!

As Petr continues to refine his style of play, we have continued to work with him to produce the best equipment possible for him to use. As horizontal play and finger spins have become more popular, Petr wanted a return top that could keep up with the changing styles of tricks. The Compass is a step in this new direction.

The body shape has stayed true to the Scout. We carried forward Petr's favorite design element; an aggressive v-shape profile with comfortable rims that give the best of casual and contest play. But the inner hub is where the changes have been made, including major shifts in rim weight, weight distribution, and the inclusion of a cup designed for finger spins. The Compass is a hair wider, giving us room to redistribute weight for longer spin times, and making it feel just a bit more comfortable in the hand.

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Diameter 56.45mm
Width 44.7mm
Weight 66.94g
Gap Width N/A
Bearing Size A
Response System Snow Tires
Classification Metal
Materials Aluminum(6061)
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Date Added April 24, 2018, 1:44 p.m.
Last Modified April 24, 2018, 1:44 p.m.

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