SPYY Punchline

Released Jan. 1, 2010


The Punchline by SPYY is Guy Wright's signature return top, released in 2010. It features comic book-style laser engravings designed by Paul Escolar.
Its rounded rims were designed by Guy Wright himself, specifically for his hand and arm grind techniques. Helping this is the fact that the return top is both blast-finished and splash-anodized. The profile also provides a balance of technical ability and spin power. It uses a large C-bearing, complimented by Large Slim-sized silicone pads. (via yoyo.wikia.com)

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Diameter 52.0mm
Width 43.0mm
Weight 65.0g
Gap Width 4.0
Bearing Size C
Response System Silicone Stickers
Classification Metal
Materials Aluminum (6061)
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