RiHara ino

Released Jan. 1, 2016

By RiHara

From Rewind:

Light and fast. ino is RiHara's top-of-the-line bimetal yo-yo.

The ino started as a concept project to create a yo-yo that focused on creating a comfortable yet unique playfeel, and ended up as RiHara's first bimetal throw. The stainless steel rim wraps from the inside all the way to the outer rim, creating a thin inner sheath that gives the ino a unique weight distribution. As a result, the ino is rock-solid yet well-suited for speedy play. You'll be hard pressed to lose control of the ino.

Simple but beautiful. The ino is a top-of-the-line model that RiHara can be proud of.

Official Description

Exploring the top-level design of “ino”

We started this Bi-metal project in RiHara Major Line since November 2015.

Focusing on designing the feel, a kinda light, fast but also and easy to control Feeling with premium quality.

"Glaze Touch" is a new kind of surface treatment technic coming from RiHara.
It gives "ino" an exquiste surface and smooth feeling at the same time.

Different materials, similar black colorway. The reflection of water and stainless make the visualization solid.

MSRP: ???

USED: ???

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Diameter 55.0mm
Width 43.4mm
Weight 64.5g
Gap Width N/A
Bearing Size A
Response System
Classification Metal
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