SPYY Flying V

Released Aug. 1, 2009


The Flying V by SPYY is a signature series return top of Ed Haponik. It is a nice "blast-from-the-past" kind of a return top featuring a slimline Butterfly shape similar to Yomega's old Saber Wing-shaped models. It comes included with two different C-bearings; a standard wide bearing for advanced play, and a narrow bearing for responsive play.

The second version has a vintage-styled logo design inspired by the classic No Jive yo-yo. It is also bead-blasted and anodized for better grinds, but the first release also had polished rims to give it character. (via yoyo.wikia.com)

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Diameter 56.0mm
Width 34.0mm
Weight 64.5g
Gap Width 4.0
Bearing Size C
Response System Silicone Stickers
Classification Metal
Materials Aluminum (6061)
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