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The Pure by SPYY was a Jonathan Robinson signature series return top. Like his innovative style it was packed with plenty of innovation. Namely, it had flush mounted aluminum side caps that were permanently affixed to it. This gave the Pure the appearance of being a solid piece of aluminum. It also had an interesting anodization design; in which the gap area was anodized, but the rims and sides were left raw. While the general retail release of the Pure featured a blue anodized profile and polished rims, there was also an exclusive collector's edition that was also produced with a 24 karat gold coating. Along with that, there is a VSOP edition distributed at the 2009 Bay Area Classic, and had a blasted finish, polished side caps and a gold pad-printed logo.

The Pure was eventually discontinued due to the difficulty in manufacturing it. (via yoyo.wikia.com

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Diameter 52.0mm
Width 40.0mm
Weight 67.0g
Gap Width N/A
Bearing Size D
Response System Silicone Stickers
Classification Metal
Materials Aluminum (6061)
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