Luftverk EVORA Glass Dust Anodized

Released July 1, 2015

By Luftverk

The Evora is the first yoyo produced by Luftverk. Its aggressive H-shape is the first of any production titanium yoyo. The design language has been inspired by "Architectural Brutalism " coined by Swedish architect Hans Asplund in the '50s which incorporates rugged unforgiving lines usually found in concrete structures. Even with the hard lines, the shape has been engineered to be super ergonomic. Your finger sits in the H gap nicely.

The weight distribution has been maximized for spin. Having the weight on both the edge and mid sections allow it to be spun up much quicker than having purely rim weight. Still, the inner cup is just 0.45mm thick allowing the ability to put the weight exactly where it is needed. This super strength is the main advantage over using traditional aluminum alloys.

The bearing is a full ceramic, generally used in high corrosion or high heat application. It has been selected for the ease of maintenance. Ceramic will never rust or corrode, meaning you can easily clean it with any household hand detergent and water. No need for Acetone, and lube is optional as well.

The surface is lightly dusted with glass then anodized. Anodizing with titanium is quite different compared to aluminum. Colors are iridescent and in different lighting, purples will turn grey or yellow, and even oils on your fingers will cause light to refract differently. It is something that can not be experienced in images - only in person. It is the natural beauty of colored titanium.

Each yoyo will have a signed and numbered certificate.

Only 35 made.

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Diameter 54.5mm
Width 43.3mm
Weight 65.5g
Gap Width N/A
Bearing Size C
Response System 19mm CBC Pads
Axle Tapped
Classification Metal
Materials Titanium
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