Doc Pop x Ernest Kahn The Executive

Released Oct. 1, 2016

By Doc Pop x Ernest Kahn

The Executive was the brain child of yoyo legend Doc Pop and Ernest Kahn. Originally released through Kickstarter, the Executive saw two more releases after.

While the technology keeps getting better and better, yo-yos keep getting bigger and bigger. That's why we wanted to design a high performance ball bearing yo-yo that could easily fit into the pockets of your tightest skinny jeans. People still wear skinny jeans, right?

The Executive is a high quality, ball bearing yo-yo in a mini-size. It's approximately 2" by 1.5", which is almost half the size of most top selling yo-yos. For something so small, it's amazing how well these things play. They take advantage of modern design and non-response yo-yo play to really pack a punch.

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Diameter 44.45mm
Width 30.3mm
Weight 54.0g
Gap Width 4.3
Bearing Size C
Response System Flow Groove
Axle Tapped
Classification Metal
Materials Aluminum (6061)
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